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Haryana PRT Teacher Joining News / Latest Updates

Latest News (02.06.2017)- Combined merit list for Haryana JBT joining released -
Orders regarding issuance of combined merit list of newly selected PRTs (Dated 02.06.2017)
Letter to DEEOs regarding instrucations to implement combined merit list (Dated 02.06.2017)
List of 1017 newly selected PRTs whose appointment is to be withdrawn due to not entitled for appointment as per combined merit (RoH Cadre) (Dated 02.06.2017)
List of 242 newly selected PRTs whose appointment is to be withdrawn due to not entitled for appointment as per combined merit (Mewat Cadre) (Dated 02.06.2017)
Combined Merit List of newly selected PRTs (ROH Cadre) (Dated 02.06.2017)
Combined Merit List of newly selected PRTs (Mewat Cadre) (Dated 02.06.2017)
List of 711 Candidates of 2nd list who are entitled for appointment as per combined merit list and whose scientific verification reports have been received. (RoH Cadre) (Dated 02.06.2017)

List of 157 Candidates of 2nd list who are entitled for appointment as per combined merit list and whose scientific verification reports have been received. (Mewat Cadre) (Dated 02.06.2017)

Latest Update on Haryana JBT Teacher Joining 2017 -
Latest News on 25.05.2017 -
haryana jbt news

Latest News on 18th May 2017 -
haryana jbt joining news updates

Latest News (10.05.2017):
हरियाणा सरकार आज JBT Joining  के regarding  अपना पक्ष रखेगी और  जोइनिंग के लिए क्या कदम उठा रही है इसके बारे में हरियाणा सरकार पंजाब एवं हरियाणा हाईकोर्ट में बताएगी | JBT Waiting Joining  के बारे में सरकार की क्या राय है आज  यह भी  पता होने की पूरी उम्मीद है |
प्राप्त सूत्रों के अनुसार  JBT HTET-2013 के द्वारा लगाई गई याचिका पर सुनवाई 24 मई को होगी |
Latest News (06.05.2017) -
Haryana JBT Waiting List Joining Latest News
Latest Updates (27.04.2017): Finally, Haryana School Education Board has released the appointment order along with joining instructions for JBT Teachers on the following links -
Haryana JBT Selection list

The Joining and station allotment list will be uploaded today (25.04.2017) on official website www.hssc.gov.in or www.harprathmic.gov.in.
haryana jbt teacher joiningharyana jbt joining

Final Hearing - 20.04.2017 -
Finally the honorable high court has removed the stay on joining of Newly Selected Haryana JBT Teachers 2012-2013.
Next Hearing - 15th February 2017
As per expected, P & H High court has given a new hearing date. This hearing will be organized on 15th Feb 2017. This time hearing was held for few minutes only to give next hearing date.
Haryana JBT Joining Hearing on 04th October 2016: In this hearing, a new date of hearing has been announced. The next hearing will be held on 02nd December 2016.
Haryana JBT Joining Latest Updates (23.09.2016): Supreme Court Direct High Court to Solve Haryana JBT Joining matter within two months. Today, Haryana newly selected JBT candidates hopes must be revived as Supreme Court cleared to Punjab and Haryana High court to resolve all issues regarding the JBT joining within two months.
The Haryana JBT Joining Issues are discussed as:
1. Around 700 JBT candidates didn't attend thumb impression and signature verification process which has been scheduled four times by Haryana Prathmic Board.
2. About 6000 Guest Teacher would loose their jobs.
3. About 16254 JBT Posts are vacant in schools of Haryana.
4. Around 12731 JBT Teachers are waiting for their Joining for last five years.
haryana jbt joining latest updates

The exclusive news is that Haryana newly selected JBT again faced a new date of hearing on 29th August 2016. The case was on the last in number and hearing was held for few minutes only. The court again gave a new date of hearing which fueled disappointment to these teachers as these were expected some concrete decision on the joining issue.

The candidates will have to wait little more for getting decision on the joining issue of these JBT teachers. As per news from our resources, the issue of Haryana JBT joining will be stratched up to new session i.e. March 2017.

Earlier Haryana Govt. called guest teacher for rejoining their posts. The authority which is working on the verification of thumb impression and signature will reveal their results up to December 2016.

Let's See - What Would Be The Next

Next Hearing in Punjab & Haryana High Court will be held on 29th August 2916:
Haryana PRT News 25.08.2016:
haryana prt news

Latest Updates on 20.08.2016:

Haryana JBT Joining News (04.08.2016): बड़ी ही दुखी अवस्था में बताया जा रहा है कि  पंजाब एंड हरियाणा हाई कोर्ट में सुनवाई ना होने पर सुनवाई की तारीख आगे बढ़ा दी गई है |  अब यह सुनवाई (Next Hearing) 29 अगस्त 2016 को होगी | Haryana Newly selected JBT Teachers  को सुनवाई से बहुत उम्मीदें हैं की Joining  से रोक हट जाएगी |  मंत्रियों  के आश्वासन और संघ का प्रयास रंग लाएगा और  जिससे जल्द ही Seat Allotment  का प्रोसेस शुरू हो जाएगा |
Next Hearing: 20th July 2016
Haryana PRT Teacher Joining News (17.05.2016): The newly selected Haryana JBT Teacher met Chief Minister to remember his promise on joining issue on 16th May 2016. CM has assured these contenders to remain calm and the joining  formalities may be completed up to 01st July 2016. Read the complete news in the image here. 
Haryana JBT Joining News on 17.05.2016

Good News on 02nd April 2016: See below image.
On 12.05.2016: Haryana JBT Teacher joining has been stayed by Double Bench P & H High court. Next Hearing: 28th May 2016
Haryana JBT Teacher Joining news

On 11.05.2016:

On 22.04.2016: Haryana JBT Joining within a month- read news in below image.

Haryana JBT Joining News 2016-17 Latest News

On 08th May 2016: The big news is that Haryana JBT Teachers are ready for a peaceful fight for getting joining letter and now they are protesting in Panchkula on 8 may 2016.
On 07.05.2016, Read news in image given here.

On 02.05.2016: Haryana JBT Joining News can be read from below image.
Haryana JBT Joining News
Haryana JBT Joining News

Haryana JBT Teachers Joining Latest News (26.04.2016): Punjab & Haryana high court has received deny plea against officers conducting thumb verification process started from 05th August 2016 and must have been completed in 10weeks as per court order. The answer would be submitted on or before 11th July 2016 in the P&H High court.

Haryana JBT Joining of 3347 Teachers Latest News: On 24.04.2016, on Etv channel, Honorable Education Minister Ram Bilas sharma has announced that the joining of 3347 JBT teacher will be started in upcoming week (next week started  on 25.04.2016). 
Haryana JBT Joining /Appointment Dates: The final hearing has been organized on 31st March 2016 by P&H High Court and restrictions on Haryana JBT joining has been removed now. Check latest news in the above image.

Don't Leave Hope - You Would Be Successful One Day

On 21.04.2016: Haryana Prathmic has uploaded last chance for thumb impression verification to be organized on 28.04.2016. Read full news in the official notice for thumb impression verification here.
Download Haryana JBT Teacher thumb impression verification here

On 18.04.2016: Haryana JBT Joining has been divided into three stages i.e. 9455 JBT, 400 Waiting JBT & 2212 HTET 2013 JBT. Read the below news to get latest updates.

Haryana JBT Joining news on 18.04.2016: The procession will be conducted on 23rd April 2016 by PAS (Group of Newly Selected Haryana JBT Teachers) for getting Haryana JBT Joining which should be started very soon.
Haryana JBT news 18.04.2016

On 11.04.2016: Haryana JBT Teacher Appointment letter news-

On 09.04.2016, Haryana Government is preparing list of surplus guest teachers & vacant posts in various government schools in Haryana. Read the complete and reliable haryana JBT joining latest news here.
Haryana JBT joining latestvnews on 09.04.2016

 On 21st March 2016, Haryana Government has declared that as P & H High court declares Haryana JBT joining case result on 29th March 2016, Haryana Government would release appointment letters on 02nd April 2016 on harprathemic.gov.in. Read the image to get more updates.
Haryana JBT joining news & updates-
P & H High Court Hearing: 01st March 2016 - The breaking news is that Punjab & Haryana High court has convince that SSC has made fair selection of 9455 JBT/ PRT and final result / selection list is going to be declared on 18th March 2016.
Latest News (10.02.2016): The bad news for 9455 Haryana JBT / PRT newly selected candidates is that Punjab & Haryana high court has continued the stay on joining process and next hearing on this joining issue is scheduled on 17th Feb 2016.
Latest News (09.02.2016): The news is that Haryana Prathmic board has released notification for absentiees in all verification that they are given last & final chance to present thumb impression verification schedule on 17th February 2016.
Latest Breaking News: (08.02.2016): It has been announced by Haryana Education Minister that Haryana JBT /PRT joining is in the last phase and joining list will be available very soon. Besides that the next hearings on joining / cancellation issue in Punjab & Haryana High court is scheduled on 10.02.2016.
Latest News (04.02.2016): Once again, a bad news has been revealed on 03rd February 2016 as obstruction / plea submitted in Punjab & Haryana high court for Haryana PRT joining of newly selected candidates. The next hearing on this plea was going to be held on 04th February 2016 in which the decision on the joining / removal of Haryana JBT / PRT teacher posts is to be taken by the honorable. The full matter is presented in the image given below. You are advised to read full news / latest updated news of Haryana JBT / PRT Teachers Joining/ Appointment.
Haryana JBT Latest News
Haryana JBT Latest News
Latest News (15.01.2016): Haryana Prathmic has uploaded a new list of thumb impression schedule for newly selected JBT candidates and this schedule is going to be held in 28th January 2016 to 16th February 2016 at Adhyapak Bhawan, HBSE, Bhiwani. The thumb impression and original documents will be verified by committee – 1 & committee – 2 of Haryana JBT newly selected JBT candidates against advertisement no. 02/2012. The thumb impression process will be started at 09:00 AM in the morning in which a bunch of ten candidates will be called for verification of original documents of the candidates such as 10th, 12th DMCs, Graduate, HTET, Caste & Community certificate with thumb impression. Late coming candidates will not be allowed to attend the thumb impression verification process. The notice will be considered as last chance for absentees in previous schedule.
Download Haryana JBT Thumb Impression Schedule (Released on 15.01.2016)
Haryana JBT Joining news on 09.10.2015
Haryana JBT Joining news on 09.10.2015

Latest News on dated 08.10.2015: Report on Hearing of Punjab and Haryana High Court for Newly Selected JBT Joining: The latest report is that the merit list issue of newly selected JBT teachers has been resolved and next hearing for final joining of candidates is expected to be held on 09th October 2015. Read the full news in the image provided below.

Haryana JBT Joining Computer Mistake Latest News
Haryana JBT Joining Computer Mistake Latest News
Latest News on Dated 10.08.2015
Haryana 9455 JBT Joining Latest Updates on 01.08.2015:

Haryana Government is going to declare Joining List for newly selected 9455 PRT Teachers on 10th August 2015 on official website www.harprathmik.gov.in. The final Appointment Letter/ Sapath Patra for newly selected PRT Teachers will be uploaded up to 15 August 2015. Earlier Haryana Staff Selection Commission had invited online application form in November 2012 for recruitment of 9870 JBT candidates against advertisement 02/2012. The interview of the candidates was held in June 2013. The Result and Joining list was released in August 2014. The Thumb impression checking and Signature matching was scheduled three times by Haryana Teacher Selection Board from March to May 2015.

Download Haryana 9455 JBT Joining List 2015 here

The Joining list will be uploaded on 10 August 2015.

Latest News of Haryana JBT 2011 Result of Thumb Impression & Signature here
Latest News / Latest Updates on 14.07.2015

HSSC Released Addition Selection List of Haryana Primary Teacher (JBT) 2015 Advt No. 02/2015 for HTET 2015 Qualified Candidates

This is latest news that Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) has declared on official website www.hssc.gov.in. The result has declared on 14.07.2015. Interview Result List has declared for 1750 HTET Qualified Candidates. Previously, these candidates had given interview for 9870 Primary Teacher posts (Advt. No. 02/2012). The decision had reserved in envelop as per court order.

Haryana Staff Selection Commission has announced interview result for Mewat & Non-Mewat Districts (Cat No. 1 & 2). You can download result from direct link given below.

Haryana Primary Teacher Interview Result 2015 for Mewat Districts (For HTET 2013 Qualified candidates)

Haryana Primary Teacher Interview Result 2015 for Mewat Districts (For HTET 2013 Qualified candidates)

Get Latest updates of Haryana JBT/ PRT Final List (9870 + 1750 Candidates) 

The court hearing on final decision for Joining / Appointment of Haryana JBT / PRT Recruitment 2012 will be done on 28.07.2015.

The latest news is that Haryana & Punjab High court had released order to relieve 4073 surplus Guest Teachers up to 11th May 2015.
Source - Newspaper

Haryana Primary Teacher PRT Final Merit List 2015 - 
HBSE is going to release final merit list / final Selection list on official website which is expected to be released in May 2015 on official website for a total of 9048 posts of PRT in Mewat and Non-Mewat Region. HBSE had conducted document verification for recommended candidates for final selection in three phase. The last two phase of document verification was conducted for absentee candidates of First Phase document verification. From the resources, it is in news that about 500-550 candidates had not attended any of three document verification schedule and it is expected that waiting list candidates may get final appointment/ final allotment for the post of JBT in Mewat & Non-Mewat Regions. Those candidates who had attended document verification schedule and waiting for Final Selection List, they can download their Final Selection list from the direct link provided below.
Download Haryana PRT / JBT Final Selection List 2015 here

Haryana Primary Teacher (JBT) Final Merit List 2015 Latest News –harprathmic.gov.in, hstsb.gov.in

Haryana School Education Selection Board has released Recommended Joint Merit List of Primary Teacher (JBT) for Mewat and Non-Mewat District. A total of 9048 candidates are recommended for the post of Primary Teachers in Non-Mewat Region and 1140 candidates are recommended for post of Primary Teacher in Mewat Region. Further, Finger Print verification process of selected candidates is scheduled from 29th December 2014 to 16th January 2015 for Merit No. 1-3000.
Candidates have to produce with Candidate identity proof along with HTET certificate. The candidate must produce photo identity proof i.e. Adhar Card, Driving License, Voter Card, Pen Card.
Official Website – www.harprathmic.gov.in

Click here to download schedule of Finger Print Verification of Candidates for PRT Posts
In the process of Finger Print Verification process, 200 candidates identity with signature will be verified by Committee I and II on the various dates from 29th December 2014 to 16th January 2015.
Earlier, the advertisement of 02/2012 was released for recruitment of 9870 posts of Primary Teacher (JBT) for category I and category II of Mewat and Non-Mewat Region. The result was released before the election. The result was prepared based on the academic performance and Interview performance. The total merit list was prepared out of 100 marks in which academic performance was considered out of 67 marks and interview performance was considered out of 33 marks.

Now a recommended Joint Merit list is released for the posts of Primary Teacher (JBT) in Mewat and Non-Mewat region.
To download the complete Advertisement of JBT Recruitment Advertisement 02/2012- Click here
To download Recommended Joint Merit List of PRT (JBT) 2015 Mewat District –
To download Recommended Joint Merit List of PRT (JBT) 2015 Non-Mewat District,
Click here
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