Vacabulary Memorizing Tricks: English Shortcut to Remember Synonyms Antonyms

Test Your Vocabulary: English Shortcut to Remember Synonyms Antonyms: Vocabulary is one of the most important sections which may help aspirants to boost their score in SSC IBPS or other competitive exams. It plays a vital role in getting qualify score in English Section.

Vocabulary Memorizing Shortcut Tricks & Test your Vocab

Here are 10 most important repeated words are discussed which are used in paragraph and asked to tell for synonyms and antonyms in questions. A daily work on vocabulary helps you to grip the language and score good marks in the exams.
These vocabulary words are as follows:
1.      CONFER- Gift, Present
·         Synonyms: Honor, Grant
·         Antonyms: Regain, Retrieve
2.      DISTRACT- Disturb
·         Synonyms: Turn, deviate
·         Antonyms: Focus, Concentrate
3.      EXPEL- Dismiss, Remove
·         Synonyms: Drive Out, Lay off
·         Antonyms: Retain, Admit

4.      OBLITERATE-Eliminate, destroy
·         Synonyms:            Wipe Out, Demolish
·         Antonyms:            Make, Build
5.      DAUNT- Frighten, Scare
·         Synonyms: Discourage, deter
·         Antonyms: Cheer, Encourage
6.      RECEDE- Decline, retreat
·         Synonyms: Move Away, Go back
·         Antonyms: Advance
7.      AVERSION-Hate, Dislike
·         Synonyms: Distaste, Hatred
·         Antonyms: Fondness
8.      FALLOW – Empty, Bare
·         Synonyms: Unplanted, Uncultivated
·         Antonyms: Cultivated
9.      USURP – Snatch, Grab
·         Synonyms: Capture, Seize
·         Antonyms: Grant, Surrender
10.  INFALLABLE- Perfect, Ideal
·         Synonyms: Reliable, Dependable
·         Antonyms: Faulty, Dectective

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