Vocabulary is one of the most important sections which may help aspirants to boost their score in SSC IBPS or other competitive exams. It plays a vital role in getting qualify score in English Section.
Here are 10 most important repeated words are discussed which are used in paragraph and asked to tell for synonyms and antonyms in questions. A daily work on vocabulary helps you to grip the language and score good marks in the exams.
These vocabulary words are as follows:
1.      TANGIBLE – Real, Actual
·         Synonyms: Evident, Certain
·         Antonyms: Unreal, Intangible
2.      RECEDE- Decline, retreat
·         Synonyms: Move Away, Go back
·         Antonyms: Advance
3.      AVERSION-Hate, Dislike

·         Synonyms: Distaste, Hatred
·         Antonyms: Fondness
4.      OBLIVIOUS- Unconscious, Ignorant
·         Synonyms: Unaware, unmindful
·         Antonyms: Aware, conscious
5.      INCREDIBLE- Extra Ordinary, Unbelievable
·         Synonyms: Very Great, , Incredible
·         Antonyms: Ordinary, Credible
6.      FALLOW – Empty, Bare
·         Synonyms: Unplanted, Uncultivated
·         Antonyms: Cultivated
7.      OBOLETE – Old Fashioned, Outdated
·         Synonyms: Archaic
·         Antonyms: New, Modern
8.      EXOTIC- Unusual, Unique
·         Synonyms:            Peculiar, Strange
·         Antonyms:            Common, Familiar
9.      USURP – Snatch, Grab
·         Synonyms: Capture, Seize
·         Antonyms: Grant, Surrender
10.  INFALLABLE- Perfect, Ideal
·         Synonyms: Reliable, Dependable
·         Antonyms: Faulty, Detective
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