Here Most Important General Awareness/Current Affairs 2014/General Knowledge set of 50 questions are discussed for upcoming exams of IBPS Clerk 2014 Exams.
These questions are based on Tricky format or Tricky Questions to improve the score in General Awareness Sections of IBPS Clerk Exam.
General Awareness General Knowledge Current Affairs 2014- DECEMBER 2014
1.       Full Form of INDC = Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
2.       Full Form of OLC = International Olympic Committee
3.       Full form of MIGA = Multilateral Investment Guarantee
4.       Full Form of IPTL = International Premier Tennis League
5.       Full form of TTCI = Travel and Tourism Competitive Index

6.       Full Form of GST = Goods and Services Tax
7.       7th December = Indian Armed Forces Flag Day
8.       10th December = International Human Right Day
9.       14th December = National Energy Conservation Day
10.   21st June = International Yoga Day (Recommended by PM Narender Modi)
11.   Newly Appointed Chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India = Dineshwar Sharma
12.   New ONLINE Program launched by CBSE launched to affiliated schools = Saransh
13.   New Member of MIGA = Bhutan (Now Total becomes = 181)
14.   Newly Appointed PM of Mauritius = Anerood Jugauth
15.   Newly Appointed Honorary Member of International Olympic Committee = Randhir Singh
16.   Newly Appointed US Ambassador = Richard Rahul Verma
17.   Miss Universal Peace and Humanity Award 2014 won by = Ruhi Singh
18.   Slogan “Make for India” is recommended by = Raghu Ram Rajan
19.   Swiss Ambassador Award 2014 won by =Ajij Premji
20.   “ Sagar Mala” Scheme associated with = Modernization of Ports
21.   “Time Persons of the Year” nominated to = Ebola Fighters
22.   NPPA is associated with fixing price of = 52 Medicines
23.   Facebook published new tools to control over advertisement for fixed time period by users.
24.   KONITWAUGH INDIA launched GORRILA GLASS-4 to save screen for breakage of fall down.
25.   Hockey Champions Trophy 2014 won by = Germany
26.   World Grand Table Tennis Championship won by = Mima Lto and Miu Hirano (Both of Japan)
27.   Miss World 2014 won by = Ms. Rolene Strauss (South Africa)
28.   Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu instructed to conduct ONLINE Examination for Railway Written Test.
29.   UN reported INDIAN economic progress to 6.3% up to end of 2016.
30.   Karnatak started Mobile Governance Portal- Mobile One Services.
31.   TIME Magazine Reader Poll 2014 won by = Narender Modi by Online Voting
32.   Google News is banned by = Spain
33.   GST Services is interrupted by Patrol Tax, Entry Tax, Compensation
34.   Country Threat Index Topped by = Irak
35.   Recently Successfully launched Rocket by ISRO = Mark II Pinaka Rocket
36.   D. K. Mittal Committee concern with Finance Health of Railway
37.   Raudolf Henry Beyer took last breath was known as = Father of Video Game
38.   Newton-Bhabha Fund established by = United Kingdom
39.   4th Cricket World Cup of Blind won by = India
40.   Recently Banned Cricketer for Suspected Bowling Action = Mohm. Hafiz
41.   Recently launched Communication Satellite = G-Set 16
42.   The Book named “The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years” written by = Pranab Mukharjee
43.   In INDIA, YOU TUBE provided OFFLINE Facility. A YOU TUBE video needs to be downloaded to watch OFFLINE.
44.   15th Summit finished with signing of 20 Agreements between INDIA and RUSSIA including defense, energy, petroleum etc.
45.   RUSSIA agreed to manufacture Helicopter and 12 MT Reactor in INDIA.
46.   India won Junior Hockey Test Series by 4-1 defeated New Zealand in the Final.
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