Now a day it has become mandatory for all of us to get a permanent job to secure our future. Government Job is the only option which can be considered as permanent job. Most of the Government Jobs have written examinations. To get a government Job it is necessary to qualify these written exams with a good score and finally it requires a lots of hard work, determination and patience to achieve success in getting a secure permanent government job.

It is said that “There is no short cut for success; it is a long way journey”. It is true in case of whatever we are doing is not in perfect way. But there is so many short cut of success are available if anyone does his/her work in a perfect way. This perfect way means a perfect practice. A perfect practice of perfect material in perfect time will open the way of short cut to anyone who desires to become something whatever he planned.
Perfect Way: Short Cut of Success
It is said to us many times that work hard otherwise you will fail. It is absolutely right but not fitted in modern era. This way is time consuming and it is perfectly a half statement of success way which does not tell the right direction to achieve the success. It can be said as “Do Perfect practice of perfect material (work hard) in perfect time is the short cut of success”.
This perfect way comprise of following factors.
1.      What is the Perfect Material:
The Perfect Material is those notes which you exam oriented and containing less time when you revise. All of us know that most of the entrance exams are based on the lengthy pattern, accurate and decision making questions which need to be solved after reading after one time reading. This is only possible when your mind immediate move your attention to the relevant short cut or trick related to the asked question. Thus perfect material i.e. exam oriented material such tricks, short cut, notes or books are also one of the short cut of success.
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2.      When will be the Perfect Time:
The perfect time is that time in which you work more efficiently than whole of your day. In this period of time they retain maximum of what they do. It means that some people are very good working in the LATE night so they NIGHT WORMER and some are very good working in EARLY in the morning so they are MORNING WORRIER. So choose your perfect time to start your practice is also one of the short cut of success.
3.      How to do Perfect Practice:
The perfect practice is that which is done with perfection or accurately. This practice is done with two ways. One is the revision of perfect exam material and other is eagerness to know more short cut or tricks related to exam based questions. Revision is most important phase of practice along with practice of previous papers based on exam pattern. Eagerness covers not only the syllabus but also provides opportunity to tackle difficult questions solve in shortest possible time. Thus do the perfect practice is also one of the short cut of success.

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