Here are most important question based up previous exam papers and last 6-months current affairs general awareness question is discussed which may be asked in upcoming Bank Exams 2014.

These questions are provided in order to do perfect exam practice for upcoming Exams for SSC IBPS DSSSB or other competitive exams. The base of the data is previous papers and last six months current affairs general awareness questions.

Aspirants are advised to revise these questions before appearing in final exams.

General Awareness Questions (Based Upon Previous 6-Month Current Affairs)
1.      A new Airlines which got approval in India– Air Asia
2.      Who was the winner of Deodhar Trophy 2014: West Zone
3.      Who was selected for M S Subbulakshmi Award 2014: Mathangi Sathyamurthy, Karnataka musician
4.      Which is Khushwant Singh last book: The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous
5.      Who is the Chairman of FPSB (Financial Planning and Standard Board ) - B.N Srikrishna
6.      Financial Institution is made up of two bodies which are the two?
7.      Which Film won OSCAR Best Film Award
8.      On which day lights were turn off: Earth Day
9.      BCCI suspended which board – RCA
10.  What is Amortizing in Banking:  An amortizing is a loan where the principal of the loan is paid down over the life of the loan.
11.  Which is the State with highest urban population –Maharashtra
12.  Electronic aircraft name by Airbus - e-fan
13.  Which among the following is not a part of CPU? - You need to know the parts of CPU to answer this.
14.  Which country had banned Twitter website: Turkey
15.  Who is the Head of the Committee to Review Governance of Boards of Banks in India: PJ Nayak
16.  61st National awards Best film was - Ship of Theseus
17.  Who initiated and started IMPS system: NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India)
18.  DICGC doesn't insure which: Primary cooperative societies
19.  One question was asked on SWIFT?
20.  Award Given by President on 8th March: Stree Shakti Puraskar
21.  Minimum age to Saving bank account according to RBI  - 10 years
22.  World two heritage one in Himachal and one in which state: Gujarat — Rani ki vav (Queen’s stepwell)
23.  Maria Sharapova defeated which athlete in French open final - Simona Halep
24.  Who was the Winner of Santosh Trophy 2014: Mizoram
25.  What is the full form of NECS: National Electronic and Clearing Service

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