IBPS PO IV 2014 01 NOV & 19th OCT 2014 EXAM GENERAL AWARENESS QUESTIONS ANSWER KEYS PDF MORNING & EVENING SESSION=IBPS PO IV 2014 ANSWER KEYS PDF (English, Quantitative aptitude, General Awareness, Reasoning)= sschub.com

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1.      Full form of KCC = Kisan Credit Card
2.      Full form of NPS  = National Pension Scheme
3.      Full form of RIDF= Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
4.      Full form of DOS = Disk Operating System
5.      Full form of GUI = Graphical User Interface
6.      Full form of PIO  = Person of Indian Origin

7.      HDFC =General Insurance Company
8.      FIFA World Cup 2014  = 32 country Participated
9.      Currency of Germany  = Euro
10.  ICICI Tag Line= Hum Hain Na Khyal Apka
11.  Medals that India won in Asian Games 2014  = 57 (11-Gold)
12.  Founder of Company WIPRO = Ajim Prem Ji
13.  Minimum age of SBI for children above 10 years is known as  = Pehli Udan
14.  Person Sanjay Leela Bhansali = Bollywood Director
15.  Border between India and China = Macmohan Line

          ·         IFSC full form = Indian Financial System Code
·         Lionel Messi is related to= Football
·         PPF Limit recently raised from 1 Lakh to = 1.5 LakH
·         What is "C" in CRR= Cash (Cash Reserve Ratio)
·         Ram Naik was recently sworn in as the governor of which state = Uttar Pradesh
·         Currency of Egypt= Egyptian pound
·         Name the new CM of TamilNadu= O. Panneerselvam
·         Name the new Chief Justice of India= H L Dattu
·         Full form of PMGSY= Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
·         Axis Bank tagline = Badhti ka naam Zindagi
·         Who won Gold medal for Indian in Wrestling 65 kg category at AsianGames 2014 = Yogeshwar Dutt
·          Who is author of Book "Unbreakable= An autobiography" = Mary Kom
                   FSDC full form =Financial Stability and Development Council

1.       What is the Full form of KYC = Know Your Customer
2.       What is the Full form of CBS= Core Banking Solution
3.       What is the Full form of PMJDY = Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana 
4.       What is the Full form of PKI = Public Key Infrastructure
5.       What is the Full form of  CDSL =Central depository Securities depository Ltd.
6.       What is the Full form of EBW = Export Bills Permitted to be Written off
7.       What is the Full form of DNA= De=oxyribo Nucleic acid
8.       What is the Basic saving bank deposit account maximum credit amount in a year is = 1 lakh
9.       What is the HDFC Tagline = We Understand Your World
10.    MTSS used for = personal remittance
11.    Who is the author of the book ‘Revolution 2020’ = Chetan Bhagat
12.    Who is Current Railway Minister of India = Sadanand Gowda
13.    Who is the head of DIGC insurance cover = Central Govt.
14.    Who is Director of the Film ‘Singham Returns’= Rohit Shetty
15.    Who is Home rule league moment leader = Annie Besant/ Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
16.    Who is the CEO of Tata Group = Cyrus Mistry
17.    Who is president of IRAN = Hassan Rouhani
18.    Which of the following RBI given Banking licence to IDFC and __= Bandhan
19.    Which Committee on Banking Ombudsman – Suman Verma Committee
20.    Which city 3 ATM transaction usage from different bank in a month is applies to = Kolkata
21.    Which of the following Trade Facility is provided by BSE = online
22.    In Which of the following Country highest rate of Child marriage according to WHO = Bangladesh
23.    Which state Agaria Tribe belongs to = Madhya Pradesh
24.    Which country got gold medal in 25mr air rifle in Asian games
25.    Which of the following Taskant is the capital of – Uzbekistan
26.    Which country is part of European Union but do not use euro currency = Denmark
27.    Which of following is the Capital of Tanzania = Dodoma
28.    Where the Kakrapar atomic power plant is established = Gujarat
29.    By which bank Smart star account open by = ICICI bank
30.    By whom of the following Sati pratha abolished = Raja Ram Mohan Rai
31.    How many digits IFSC Code contains= 11 alphanumeric code

1.       What is the Full Form of CVV = Card Verification Value
2.       What is the Full Form of ATM = Automated Teller Machine
3.       What is the Full Form of CP= commercial paper
4.       What is the Currency of Cambodia = Riel
5.       What code Bank used to read code on cheque = MICR.
6.       What is the slogan of LIC = Yogakshemam Vahamyaham
7.       What is the Purpose of starting Minor account for 10 years children = Financial inclusion
8.       What percent of population as below 35 yrs of age acc to census = 41%
9.       Where is the Bank of International Settlement headquarter = Switzerland
10.    Who is the author of Book ‘Hard Choice’ = Hillary Clinton
11.    Who had invented Dynamite = Alfred Nobel
12.    Who won first gold medal in squash in Asian games
13.    Who is the head of Minority affair minister = Najma Heptulla
14.    Which of the following is the Capital of Afghanistan – Kabul
15.    Which scheme is related to person named Deen Dayal Upadhya =Sharm Mev Jyete
16.    Which of the following is the Capital of Argentina = Buenos Aires
17.    Which actor's father is a famous badminton player = Deepika Padukone
18.    Kundankulam nuclear plant is a agreement between India and __ = Russia

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