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Errors in Sentence are the mandatory part of SSC IBPS SBI or any other competitive exams covering 5-10 question. There errors are basically from use of wrong Tense, condition or any other form of English which are need to be identified by choosing right option among the choice (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) i.e. No Error.

It is very easy to choose the right option by using Certains Golden Rules related to KEYWORD IDENTIFICATION METHOD.

Key Identification Method includes certain keywords on the basis of which right option for blank is chosen. These Keywords are as follows:


RULE 1: Following words must use with a reflexive pronoun.
Reflexive pronouns are himself , herself, itself, myself or yourself etc.
·         Enjoy
·         Exert
·         Absent
·         Avail
·         Avenge
·         Revenge
·         Pride
·         Introduce
·         Reconcine
For e.g.
He introduced himself to the manager.
RULE 2: Following verbs are used as INTRANSITIVE verbs only.
Intransitive Verbs are those verbs which are used without reflexive pronouns.
·         Keep
·         Move
·         Bath
·         Stop
For e.g.
Incorrect: Keep himself to the right.
Correct: Keep to the left.
Reason: No reflexive pronoun is required or the use of reflexive pronoun makes the sentence wrong.
RULE 3: Following words are used as BARE INFINITIVE only.
Bare Infinitive are those verbs which is used without ‘To’. It means bare infinitive only ‘Verb 1st form’ is used rather than full infinitive ‘To+Verb 1st form’ is used.
·         Let
·         Make
·         See
·         Feel
·         Here
·         Bid
·         Had rather……than
·         Would rather…….than
·         Had better
·         Why, why not etc.
For e.g.
Incorrect: I saw him to go to temple.
Correct: I saw him go to temple.
Reason: Verb ‘See’ 2nd from is present in the sentence which use Bare Infinitive used after object.
RULE 4: Following words are used for PLURAL NOUNS only.
These words are look singular sound singular but used as plural noun in the sentences. Let
·         Police
·         Cattle
·         Clergy
·         Gentry
·         Vermin
·         Cavalary
For e.g.
Incorrect: Cattle is grazing in the field of town.
Correct: Cattle are grazing in the field of town.
Reason: Plural Noun ‘Cattle’.
RULE 5: Following nouns are never used for PLURAL NOUNS by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ in the end of the words.
There are certain nouns which sound singular used singular but never pluralize them by using ‘s’ or ‘es’ in the end of the word. Always use a pair of….., a piece of ……or a types of ……etc. before these nouns to display many items.
·         Furniture
·         Bread
·         Jewellery
·         Scenery
·         Pantry
·         Knowledge
·         Equipment
·         Information
·         Stationary
For e.g.
Incorrect: Furnitures should not be present in the Hall.
Correct: Furniture should not be present in the Hall.
Reason: Do not Pluralize Noun ‘Furniture’.
Most of the Errors in sentences come from the data provided above. So do revision of these keywords again & again. Then surely, you will get the success.

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