CHECKLIST FOR EXAMS- MEMORY TIPS FOR ONLINE Exams-How to crack any exam on daily activity-

The time will go flying by and it is imperative to get your revision into top gear as soon as possible.

Aspirants need to be prepared with checklist for the Final Examination. 

This section is dedicated to issue of how to use your remaining time most effectively before the start of Final Examination to fulfill the requirement of revision of syllabus.

The Checklist includes the following steps to be considered as pre-examination revision period.
You need to prepare your weekly plan based upon daily activity with proper time table.
A proper plan help you to check your each day’s progress related to your overall task. All activities must pursue proper time management as follows:
a)     If you are morning worker then put your most of activities/work/revision in early morning and if you are evening worker then prepare your time table focus on evening along with your subjects which will be studied in low and high period of your mind power.

b)    Analyze your mind power in such a way that at what time it can able to maintain high and low period of attentiveness of brain. 

In case you are feeling nervousness while thinking about Final Examination and you have to take slow deep breaths by one side of nose and closing other (as recommended by Yoga Guru). Then stand up and turn away immediately from your study desk. When everything you feel good, then return to your study desk. 
Take effective sleep almost 6-8 hours to retain information which you gained through study. If it is possible then take nap of 10-15 minutes two or three times during study which helps to recharge your mind. A brief meditation may also help to fill necessary information to your brain and work to sharpen your memory. Some tips need to keep in mind before sleeping.
a)     Avoid high protein food.
b)    Maintain fixed sleep routine.
c)     Use caffeine (up to level) to build up memory.
Time is very limited and you will have to be very selective about revise the major point of your syllabus.  If it is necessary revise quickly only important points or heading through visualization of matter in mind.
Just remember that I CAN DO IT and write these words on the front page of your book, notes and study table as well. This revives your mind and mentally prepares your mind to gain what you study.
Take frequently short breaks 2-3 minutes and change of subjects may help you to reduce your mental and physical fatigue results in absorbing a lot of work. These short breaks such as rest on chair or walking around the room and just getting up from the desk may help to improve your sitting capacity and maintain your interest in study.

Do the practice of these tips and tricks to assure your success in SSC CGL IBPS DSSSB or any other competitive exams.
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