IMPROVE MEMORY CRACK SSC/IBPS EXAM 2014- Six Top Memory Tricks to Crack SSC/IBPS Exam 2014-Trick of QUICK REVISION in SSC/IBPS Exam

These memory tricks are really helpful for SSC/IBPS aspirants to crack previous exams. Memory tricks are based on quick revision of all syllabus of SSC/IBPS Exam in a very short interval of time so that performance of the aspirant will be improved.
These memory tricks work to retain the topics for long time and can be easily revive in examination hall.
These Six Memory tricks are based on the experience of attempting numerous competitive exams and truly helpful to score cracking marks in SSC/IBPS exams.
1.      Choose PEAK ALERTNESS TIME in a Day
A candidate must know peak time of alertness containing maximum power and potential in a day. Some people are late night fighters and some are early morning conquer in study. So to improve memory candidate first choose the right time of study to grab maximum information in mind.
2.      Debate & Learn (For Banking, Marking & Math)
Try to debate with your friends on any topic related to SSC/IBPS exam or learn from others to clear concepts regarding Banking, Marketing and Math in which a candidate is not comfortable. This will improve your logical thinking, exercise your mind and make your memory sharp and focused.
3.      Memory Alerts for Revision
Set alarm on the mobile for revision. Write most useful English Words and their synonyms on plain paper. Carry it all time and revise it in free time.
Associate links with breakfast smell for SSC Tier 1 and Dinner smell for SSC Tier 2 for various types of dishes. After some days you will observe that topics starts revision in your mind automatically on the same time which makes your memory stronger and stronger.
Vocabulary plays an important role which applies on English language to recall the exact meaning of any word provided in SSC/IBPS Exam. Convert the word in Hindi or any regional language which will help you to recall the same word quickly.
Take first letter from the name of each item you’re trying to remember and then form a new word by arranging these letters as per your convenience i.e. the word which you speak most of the time.

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