English Short Cut for Jumbled Up Sentences / Order of Sequences

English Short Cut for Jumbled Up Sentences -  Five Simple Rules to solve English Order of Sequences: It is found that most of the candidates could not be able get clue and make wrong order of sequence in ¼ negative marking exams. They get confused in solving Jumbled up sentences.
Here is 100% reliable and accurate method is discussed to solve order of sequencing or Jumped up sentences.

English Short Cut Tricks / Rules for Jumbled Up Sentences / Order of Sequences 

It is very easy to find the right option among provided answers by using following tips.
Step I: Opening and Closing Sentences
Find the opening and closing sentences in the paragraph and mark them First & Last.
Opening Sentences
Closing Sentences
a.       Introductory Statement
b.       Once upon a time
b.      Name of thing, place etc.
c.       The
d.      A or An
a.     Conclusive Statement
     And they have lived happily.

Step II: Middle Sentences
Find and Mark by through following terms as the middle sentences in the given paragraph.
·        Personal Noun: he, she, it
·         Transition Words: hence, besides, simultaneously, in, conclusion
·        Demonstrative Pronoun: This, that, those etc.

Step III: Find the abbreviation and Mark them as per given rules.
Taken as First Sentence
Taken as next Sentence
a.      National Electronic Fund Transfer
b.      Automated Teller Machine
c.       Indian Cricket Council
d.      Dr. Manmohan Singh
a.      NEFT
b.      ATM
c.       ICC
d.      Dr. Singh

Step IV: Chronological Order
Read and understand the given parts of paragraph and try to set in chronological order.
Chronological Words:
·        First, Second, Third……
·         Beford, After
·        When
·         Until
·         At last
·        Next
Step V: (Cause and Effect) If any idea/activity/accident is described in any of the part of paragraph and detail/effect/impact/influence of that idea/activity /accident is mentioned in any part of paragraph, then idea will be taken as first and then detail is taken as next part of paragraph.

Cause and Effect Word:
o   For this reason
o   Consequently
o    Hence
o   Because
o   On that account
o   Made